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Light Up Your World Candles LLC



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If you want to add personality to your unique one-of-a-kind candles add any of these additives to your order!!

When adding on additives to your order remember to include per candle you wish to be customized

Basic Order Examples

Cust A) 1 - 4ozT Candle (No Additives selected just wax/scent)

Cust B) 1 - 4ozG Candle + 1 Additive

Cust C) 2 - Custom Candles + 2 of the same Additives

Cust D) 1 - 8ozT Candle + 1 Additive & 1 - 6ozG Candle + 1 Additive & 1 Tea Lights + 1 Additive

Cust E) 1 Custom Candle + 1 Additive + 1 Theme Additive

Tea light candles are sold as a set of 4 and purchases with ONLY Tea light candles must be a minimum of 1.5lbs-2lbs (4 sets of 4 Tea light candles).

**Additives are non-refundable once they have been purchased.**

**Do NOT add on additives for melts.**

Candle Enhancements 1
Candle Enhancements 2
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